D-tape duct tape self adhesive extra quality / removable black 50 m x 50 mm x 0.32 70 mesh

Extra quality / removable
Item number 5591
Group Repair tape
Packaging Loose
EAN 8711517055910
Color / Material Black
moq 1
Stock ?
X 1

What Deltafix stands for

  • International wholesaler
  • High quality
  • Need customization? Everything is possible

Technical specifications

Color / Material Black
Size 1 50 m
Size 2 50 mm
Size 3 0.32
Contents 70 mesh

D-tape is the best quality professional repair tape. This reliable powerhouse protects, close, holds and continues to perform without problems. Even under the toughest conditions. This versatile tape should not be missing in any toolbox. This removable tape is made up of a adhesive layer, a layer of textiles, a polyethylene film and a release coating. The tape is available in the colors black, white and gray. Technical specifications:- MESH/Density 70- Lower layer of natural rubber- 0.3 mm Total thickness- 0.7 kg/25 mm Displanity- 2.0 kg/50 mm settlement force- 14 kg/25 mm pulling power- optimum adhesion after a minimum of 60 minutes - heat resistant (-35 ° C to 80 ° C)

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