Woodstars chipboard screw flat head / torx / inner head nibs / starting thread / bit included galvanised 6.0 x 120 x /75 100 pcs

Flat head / torx / inner head nibs / starting thread / bit included
Item number 65375
Group Woodstars® profi screws
Packaging In carton window box
EAN 8711517653758
Color / Material Galvanised
moq 1
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Technical specifications

Color / Material Galvanised
Size 1 6.0
Size 2 120
Size 3 /75
Contents 100 pcs
Drive TX-25

Woodstars Innovative Premium Spaanplaats screws have been developed with years of experience. The name Multi deserve these screws because they can be widely used in all types of wood. Woodstars are manufactured from very high -quality steel. They are suitable for industry, professional and professional handyman. Due to the unique properties, WoodStars saves a lot of time, ease of use and energy saving. Woodstars wear the SHR quality mark. SHR is the quality mark for the wood processing industry. Woodstars have an extra deep bit impression. This ensures good grip from the bit and prevents turning. A bit is supplied in every box. In addition, the diameters 4.0, 4.5 and 5.0 millimeters have the same drive, namely Torx-20. When using different diameters, this saves a lot of time, the bit does not have to be changed. The saw teeth, cut slot, special windings, starting wire and 6 triangle -shaped milling surfaces under the head, ensure that Woodstars can be applied in even the hardest woods without pre -drilling. The serrated starting thread and shaft ribs ensure a layer and smoothly rotating. This also makes the remaining insert faster. Moreover, the battery of the screw machine lasts longer. Woodstars have a special intersection that cuts through the material. This greatly reduces the chance of splitting. This point also ensures a fast start in the material. Woodstars can be recognized by a marking in the head of the screw with the letters: ws.-

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