Deltafix nut screw-in insert for wood galvanised m10 x l 18 x 16mm 100 pcs

Item number 70946
Group Hardware miscellaneous
Packaging In carton box
EAN 8711517709462
Color / Material Galvanised
moq 1
Stock ?
X 1

What Deltafix stands for

  • International wholesaler
  • High quality
  • Need customization? Everything is possible

Technical specifications

Color / Material Galvanised
Size 1 m10
Size 2 l 18
Size 3 16mm
Contents 100 pcs

A screw-on nut or rampa drill has a thread on both the inside. The thread on the inside is intended to turn a bolt. The thread on the outside has a sharp winding with a coarse urgency. Due to the outer thread, the screw -on nut can easily be turned in wood after pre -drilling a hole. You do this with a screwdriver that fits exactly in the slot at the end of the screw -on nut. The outer thread ensures that the nut cuts in the sides of the hole and anchors itself there. As soon as the nut is tight, the bolt can be turned in. The screw -on nut is ideal for a bolt connection in wood and soft (er) materials, such as chipboard and plastic.

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