Heco-schrauben chipboard screw flat head / torx / topix stainless steel a2 4.0 x 45 mm x /27 200 pcs

Flat head / torx / topix
Item number 16258
Group Heco® profi screws
Packaging In carton window box
EAN 4019787616812
Color / Material Stainless steel a2
moq 1
Stock ?
X 1

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Technical specifications

Color / Material Stainless steel a2
Size 1 4.0
Size 2 45 mm
Size 3 /27
Contents 200 pcs
Drive TX-20

Heco-Topix®-Plus is a real screw highlight and unites bundled technological know-how and many concrete benefits for the user in one type of screw. The secret: for HECO-TOPIX®-PLUS we have brought together the best properties from four HECO assortments! With the innovative properties Heco-Drive, Gripfit, Magicclose, Perfectpitch, a new, uniform bit size concept and high-quality system accessories, HECO-Topix®-Plus is the perfect screw for almost all applications. You not only benefit from the big technological lead, but especially from simple assembly and optimum performance. GripFit: HECO-Drive makes work with one hand possible. Stainless steel screws also "stick" safely on the bit. (from screw diameter 3.5 mm) Perfectpitch: optimum threaded powder for each screw length. Perfect performance for all wood applications. HECO-TOPIX-POPT makes pre-drilling superfluous, reduces the risk of splitting the wood and makes smaller edge and as disturbances possible. Flat -sunk head with milling cavities: excellent freese properties in wood. No damage to the surface with metal fittings. Shaft ribs reduce the turning moment. Coating without chrome-vi.

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