The Deltafix concept tape contains solutions for almost every challenge. Deltafix supplies good duct and emergency repair tapes. Naturally, this concept also includes many double-sided adhesive tape solutions. In addition to the Deltafix brand, Deltafix also supplies the D-tape, Power repair and Quip taping brands. The D-tape brand focuses on high quality Duct tape, also known as textile tape. D-tape delivers high quality with a special adhesive layer and is very suitable for the professional. Power repair tape is the brand that has developed a special tape that reacts to moisture. Power repair tape becomes as hard as steel within 15 minutes and is then air and moisture tight. In addition, Power repair tape can be painted over. The Quip taping brand has developed a unique device with which masking tape can be applied very precisely and quickly. Deltafix can also manufacture your private label in the field of tape.

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